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Liquid Glycerin

Where can I buy glycerin?
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Liquid Glycerin is a viscous, odorless, colorless, and sweet liquid usually added in toiletry and medical preparations. Glycerin's most common application is in soap making, although it is also used in explosives manufacturing, in the form of nitroglycerin. Soluble in water and alcohol, it boils to 290°C while it freezes to a paste.

Liquid Glycerin is naturally occurring in plants and animals, including humans. It accumulates either subcutaneously or as lipid formations in muscles. There are two types of glycerin: natural glycerin which is sourced from plants such as palm and synthetic glycerin which is sourced from biodiesel synthesis. To process glycerin naturally, the crude substance derived from fat hydrolysis is first refined and condensed into an aqueous solution (known as sweet water), then further distilled and refined until the solution arrives in its final form.

What are Glycerin Uses?
Liquid Glycerin has many attributes that made it suitable for a variety of uses. Aside from its ability to hold water, this sweet alcohol is safe and non-toxic. Its most common usage is in soap making. Glycerin is usually found in soaps, but added to soaps to give it a clear finish. Glycerin soaps are very popular because of their gentleness and moisture. They also make a great acne cleanser because it moisturizes the skin from dirt and oil without clogging pores.

According to medical studies, glycerin can also aid in skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema – as it assists in proper skin maturation. This way, skin will look better and function well. Glycerin’s water-retentive capability benefits not just the skin but the hair as well. Glycerin can remedy frizziness by holding and drawing moisture to the hair, as well as coating the whole shaft – making it shinier and silkier.

Because of its pleasant, sweet taste and non-toxicity, it is added also to food. As a sugar substitute, it is as sweet as table sugar by 60 percent, but only contains 27 calories per teaspoon. It has a lower glycemic index and follows a different metabolic pathway in the body, making it an acceptable sweetener for low carbohydrate diet. It also serves as a humectant for different medical formulations like cough syrups, mouthwashes, and personal lubricants. As filler, it is added to preserve jams, marmalades, and spreads. It thickens liqueurs and adds volume to cookies and biscuits.

Superior quality glycerin can now be purchased through ChemWorld. Product is extracted from plant sources while production follows the US FDA and kosher standards – the only acceptable standards for human consumption. It has also undergone intensive tests and quality control. Glycerin is in stock and available in different quantities.

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Where can I purchase glycerin?
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